The primary goal of Fusonix is to help companies in development of existing or new software solution. This can either be on a timebased or a fixed price contract.

Contact me for an estimat of time and price of a specific task.

See Torben von Deyen's profile at  View Torben von Deyen's profile on LinkedIn to see a list of skills and past activity. 

The Basic skills are:

  • More than 20 year of professional experience in developing software
  • General alll-rounder, disciplined, results-oriented, helpfull, loyal and service-minded
  • Experienced backend, database and client/server development, but is also a skilled frontend developer (web, desktop) focusing on usability
  • Programming: Ruby, Python, Object Pascal (Delphi), Java, C/C++, Python, .NET C#
  • Database: Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Searchengine: Solr, CCIS
  • Web: Ruby On Rails, .NET Core, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS
  • CMS: Joomla, Fundanemt, MediaWik, WordPress 
  • OS: Windows, and Linux and UNIX
  • Cloud development: AWS, terraform
  • Versioncontrol and bugtracking: Subversion, FogBugz, Mantis, VSS, FlySpray
  • Other: XML, XSL, REST, Win32, Cross-Platform, FMX, VCL, MFC
  • IoT: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32

Customers I have made solutions for:

  • Udbudsvagten A/S / Eluence A/S / Mercell Group
  • UNIK Pine Tree A/S (SkyPIM)
  • Finanshuset i Fredensborg
  • Eikon Kunstformidling
  • BilledKunstVærkstederne
  • LOG-IT
  • IBM (consultant)
  • EDB-Gruppen (consultant)

 Has a past as an employee at:

  • LEGO
  • LPT-IT and LPTdata (and worked in development of custom software solution to fx Modulex, Jernbaneverket, F.L.Smidth, Nautronic, Dansk Autohjælp, ABB)

Besides above: